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That's a good question! It is less than or equal to 500 MOTOR amps, but the exact amount is a bit tricky to figure. I have a homemade ammeter whose accuracy remains unknown to me. Plus, it measures battery amps, which is different from motor amps.

In fact,

Ibatt = Imotor*PWM_DUTY (or close to it).

Hey! I could use that formula! haha, but I'm never really sure what the PWM duty is while driving.

I know for sure that the hardware shuts off the mosfets each time the naughty 500 amp like is crossed. Right now I wait until motor amps drops below 500, then wait 1 PWM period, then turn them back on. I have no idea how much the current decays in that time. So, I would guess that the current limiting is something slightly less than 500 amps. hehe, sorry for the vague answer. The acceleration feels stronger than the 400 amp controller, so I would guess that it's more than 400 amps.

The battery amps read about 320.
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