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Video of first 2 test drives! ya!

We got a video put together of the first weenie test drive (like 5 mph) and the more robust 2nd test. The 2nd test is first, since the first test was really boring. haha! I made sure the windows were open, since I sort of expected things to catch on fire in the car, and for me to die. I was pretty scared. I had to take 2 advil afterwards, because of my near death experience stress headache. hehe.

I'll be attaching the stupid video any second now, if it would ever stop uploading! Geeze! Hurry up! It's late! So anyway, while I wait:

What do you use hippie paper for?
Write on, man...

There are 3 to's in the English Language.
There are 3 two's in the English Language.
There are 3 too's in the English Language.
Which one do I use?
There are 4 twoo's in the english language! haha!

Do-dee-doo-dee-dooo.... Still waiting for it to finish! man...

So, future plans:
Improve the process, carefully document each step of that process, and put it together in some sort of master directions book thing, with sources for parts, techniques for soldering, etc.... With pictures of every tiny step.

It was incredibly tedious to make this work. You really need attention to detail, but I think that with really really good, thorough directions, anyone can make one!

Youtube makes me mad. It's taking a really long time.

How do you catch a bear?
Dig a whole, put peas all around it, and fill the hole with ashes.
So, when the bear comes to take a pea, you kick him in the ash hole.

That actually works, by the way.

EDIT: It's still uploading! I had a copyright issue because of a song I had at the end, so youtube muted it. I removed the video and am re-uploading it! I'll attach it as soon as it's done uploading. grr...

Hmm... It's 4:50am! Man, what am I a Dairy Farmer?
Here's an interesting story while I wait:

My wife and I lived in Kenya for 6 months trying to adopt a boy from Mother Teresa's in Nairobi. He was born like 3-4 months premature, and was found on the street right after birth. The police brought him to Mother Teresa's, and one of the sisters there and she was able to get an IV into his tiny veins. Then she gave him oxygen for a long time. Anyway, Kenya changed their adoption laws, saying we couldn't adopt a "pre-identified" child, meaning Mother Teresa's couldn't choose which orphan was adopted. It was the job of the "adoption committee", some moronic Kenyan government organization that was newly created. So we sent him back to Mother Teresas after 6 months and came home. The end! I love governments. Always looking out for orphans.

There are a few editing issues. I didn't watch it before uploading it, but you get the idea. hehe.
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