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Magnetic tapelights? LOL

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Tape-Lights... LOL. I've had to do that before.

So, as many times as I've seen non-working prototypes of magnetic motors, I've had a few ideas myself as to why they don't work... and those ideas have always lacked funding.

It's a vicious thing to have a great idea and not even be able to test it in the real world... and it doesn't stop with me, unfortunately. I do wish you the best of luck in your ventures, though.

Oh, and the TapeLight, they have keychains that work exactly like that, except you can only turn them on by squeezing them. I used to make them for fun. They cost about $2 to make, and you can usually squeeze about $3 out of them from tourists or people who just need a little light.
Thanks for the chuckle! Tonights upcoming weather might engender a few more tapelights in my house!

Somebody tells me that being early on this site isn't a good way to look for investors, but I'm not doing that. I already have investors waiting to send funding, but I am not accepting investment funding until I have a couple of what my partners call "robust prototypes" to show them. Those are what I'm working on now, and the funds I'm asking are relatively minimal and I have tried to make it clear that they, as all of my own funds and work, are a bit of a gamble. But I also maintain that I try to only bet on "sure things", and were I not confident in this engine, I'd not be working on it at all, much less trying to scam somebody. I'm 65 years old and have limited time left on this world. Why on God's earth would I risk spending any of that time in jail for fraud? So if you think I can't make it work, then by all means, bet that way and just walk away.

The "gate" thingy is neat, but it has all the same problems of all the other wannabe magnetic engines. Somebody has to sit there and work it. And the observation about needing bigger magnets also holds true, and I can tell you right now that when you get up toward the multiple-horsepower range, you're not going to be working those magnets by hand, if you value your limbs! My little 20HP proto uses magnets that can break fingers if mishandled even slightly. Getting much beyond that enters the realm of magnets that can conceivably do lethal things. BE CAREFUL!!

As to why my sites get updated, well, I'm old and bored, and I often think of things that need saying, or just find a misspelling that jars (my mom made me into a spelling cop!)

I am maintaining a journal offline, and have already applied for a Provisional Patent, which gives me the right to state that my engine is "Patent Pending", and that plus a buck might buy a cuppa at Starbucks, if you bring tax. All it will take is exposure in a country that thinks that a US device is fair game, and we can all kiss any profits good-bye.

As to "Christ"'s mention about gravity, I doubt that landing on a dark star, or even Jupiter, would find you thinking how weak gravity is as a force. It's all relative.

Well, I think I've addressed most of the points I noted. Have another read at Allsites Index and see if I did good, or if you're still betting against me. I'm still just an old dude on Social Security, and a few bucks more or less isn't going to make me either a rich guy or street people , but the "more" side might get the engine going sooner, which would be lovely!
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