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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
DUDE!!! two magnets touching each other don't have any potential EITHER!!!

Folks have to demonstrate some fundamental understanding here, I'm losing faith pretty quickly.

Yes magnet motors can be tweaked into existence, yes they have significant lifespan problems, can anyone promoting this demonstrate that they know what those problems are and how to overcome them?

Or do we have to be bludgeoned with political tripe and useless posturing?
This is not entirely true... both magnets still exhibit potential energies, except that their energies are being drained into each other as kinetic energy. i.e. it would take kinetic energy to separate them, equal to the potential (magnetic) energy they both contain.

Just because the force is being counteracted, doesn't mean it doesn't still exist.

Like I said, I'm not vouching for this guy, or magnet motors as a whole, I'm just making sure that everyone thinks about an often left-out variable.
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