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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Forget it guys.
Please don't place me in league with this person. I don't appreciate it at all.

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
If you weren't talking in circles/nonsense/riddles I might think you were taking this seriously.
I really don't see where I've been talking in circles/nonsense/riddles at all, actually. What I do see is that people often discredit the potential energy that magnets have when attempting to calculate why a magnet motor wouldn't work.

Magnets, to my knowledge, are the only force that don't require kinetic energy to produce kinetic energy, thus, they must contain some form of continuous potential energy to begin with. (This may not be true on a larger scale than I care to think about/discuss here, but for all intents and purposes, it is.)

Before you go placing me in a league aside this person, or those who have experimented with and claim to have produced working magnet motors, please realize that I'm only regurgitating the high-school science that many have so obviously forgotten.

"You can't make more than you put in." Is a true statement, on all accounts... but if it's not just YOU putting in the effort, then it's not just YOU making the end result.

Imagine for a minute that you have a piece of steel, that weighs in at 2 tons.

You have only yourself to move it, and you stand between the steel and and immobile wall (exaggeration for purposes of explanation).

On the wall is a magnet that has force equal to 1.99 tons of pressure application, and it's facing the opposite polarity of the piece of steel in front of you.. that means that the .01 tons of force you would need to apply to move the 2 ton piece of steel has essentially created more energy than you've applied. The key there, is that now there is a 2ton object moving before you, and YOU have applied .01 tons of force.

That seems to me to be pretty obviously the magnet's doing, unless you have some other way to explain it.
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