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Garage % Over EPA - Question

Why does the garage only post each car's 90 day % over EPA on the fleet list MPG and on the sig? Shouldn't it be posting lifetime % over EPA and MPG instead?

My current garage listing is 19.36 MPG and 14.1% over EPA (90 day) but it would be ideal if it posted 20.69 MPG and 17.8% over EPA (lifetime). I say this only because when comparing my car to similar vehicles in the garage I have to click through the fleet listing and into each car individually to see what their lifetime MPG is (since 90 day averages only reflect recent history which could be marred by weather, outside forces, etc).

Also, a cool garage feature would be to have vehicles grouped by combined EPA so that cars in my range (15-19 EPA) could be grouped and viewed together to compare my MPG vs. theirs. It would be a great way to compare apples to apples and draw on similar vehicles to improve my own car and driving skills. A search function on the garage would be great. My car is combined EPA of 17 mpg so if I could type in a min and a max combined EPA and pull up x number of vehicles in that range as well as sort them the same way the current garage fleet set up works would be cool too.

Just a suggestion, not trying to make more work for the moderators...thanks guys!

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