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A few weeks back on NPR (National Public Radio) I think it was the Science Friday program had a guest talking about nuclear power, explaining how they are already starting to have the same problems with the fuel as we currently have with oil, we already found the stuff that is really easy to find and refine and that the newest of the nuclear power plants are going to run out of fuel before they wear out, there are of course ways to recycle the radioactive fuel and use it as a lower grade fuel that it sounds like they are working on making more wide spread, but it makes me feel a little better, that this is not going to be our long term solution.

Also the extremely large scale solar most often is not PV with silicon, but instead is solar thermal that boils water to run a steam turbine, almost all large scale electrical production involves steam turning a turbine, they can also use natural gas as a back up, but because electrical use tends to fallow day light hours it tends to be cost affective.
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