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If it's suggestion season, let me add one, needed to sift through the walrus-beach that is the ecomodder garage....

Could there be a field that specifies bikes, biodiesels, EVs and other odd-balls (I respect them all, just not relevant to my searches) so that I can separate them out and check vehicles that fall in my bracket , to zero on mods and techniques to learn from and adopt.

I also impose a 'figure of merit, composed of a combination of parameters of my choice (usually absolute MPG * % over EPA) but it may be too radical to impose constraint like this

That's how I figured out my Guru in the form of PaleMelanesian...

Maybe tranny type (AT/MT) can also be included as a parameter.

All these parameters can be gathered in the same page as that used for gathering the vehicle info now, just by modifying it for these fields.
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