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Originally Posted by almightybmw View Post
...although now that I remember, someone said a solar array the size of NV would easily power North America.
First off, it's Nevada, not NV, dammit. It's a real place, not some stupid two-letter code dreamed up by government bureaucrats in order to dehumanize places - people live here, along with the critters and plants that make up an ecosystem. Large parts of the state are really quite nice places. Cover it with a solar array, and you kill that ecosystem, just like you kill ecosystems by scraping off the tops of mountains to get at the coal underneath. Except that plants will grow to cover the scraped-off mountain, someday, in a few centuries or so. Cover land with solar arrays, and it's dead for as long as those arrays exist.

That's what really pisses me off about these supposed greens and their anti-nuclear BS. They make up all sorts of stories about how dangerous nuclear power is, and how even a trace of radioactivity is going to kill everything for miles around - going in the face of real-world experience that disproves their claims - yet they'll turn around and calmly suggest wiping out the entire ecosystem of a state, just because they're too stuck on the "solar is green & harmless" meme to look at reality.

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