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Unhappy Fried my Guino

I was sitting at the gas station refilling my tank this morning and I went to remove my Guino from the dashboard to get it's current tank data so I can compare it to the pump and odo.

This probably wouldn't have been an issue if I had just put the buttons, or access to thereof, on the outside of the enclosure. Since I didn't I have to remove it from it's velcro'd location in front of the tachometer, open the front of the box, and hit the buttons from there. Usually it's fine except for the odd power cycle due to nudging the cable here and there.

When I touched the box, I got a static shock that actually registered on the display (the instant MPG went to 9999 from 0000 so I'm guessing it thought it was a VSS pulse). I was a bit nervous after that, but since it returned to normal I figured it was ok.

Now when I grabbed the box to pull it off the case closed suddenly, as if it wasn't closed completely to begin with, with a snap that put the display in an odd position (all the way through the hole, when it's normally angled slightly) and messed up the screen quite a bit. The left half was ok but the right half faded from barely visible to not visible. I was a little freaked out, but hit the buttons to make sure it wasn't completely gone. The screens changed and it reset the current and tank but then I saw smoke coming from between the boards, the screen went blank, and I smelled burning electronics. I removed the phone cable after that and hopefully I just fried the screen.

Not good. I'll have to dismantle it at home tonight to see if I can find where it burnt and for now I have no instant feedback. Maybe I can fix it, maybe I'll end up holding out for the OBDuino. *sigh* That'll teach me to not finish my projects before using them.

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