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Exclamation From bruiser, to cruiser! (My story, take a look!)

I for what ever reason like cheap, small, economical cars as much as I like performance machines. 2 doors, power nothing, and sub 2,500 lbs I'm sure to like it. I'm a self-taught auto mechanic who has been through many performance machines including my 97 Supra, and 06 WRX STi - now driving a 98 Subaru Legacy L wagon 5 speed, and 95 Dodge neon coupe 5 speed.

Nothing changed my mind really, I just want a new Ferrari someday, and the only way to get what I want later is to drive a $600.00 car now. Oh, and never have children (haha, not just kidding.)

I happen to also be a previous record holder for an outrageous number of speeding tickets. If you wonder how many.. don't. Let's just say I now have a much greater respect for authority, and appreciate driving the speed limits. It doesn't just save gas, it saves lives!

So what am I doing here you ask?

I paid my dues, I went to the classes, I walked to work, paid $340 a month for insurance for several years, etc. I am proud to say I haven't had a ticket in several years now I'm 25 & all of this practicing driving slow on my behalf has lead me to challenge myself to not only drive for space, instead of time - but more recently I've been trying to use the least amount of fuel possible as sort of a game to make driving right, a little more fun and rewarding.

I picked up the 95 neon recently for 600 bucks thinking, this is never even going to make it to the road. Engine knocking like a pileated woodpecker, steel brake line exploded, battery is 7 years old, hood is falling apart due to rust etc. It was ready for the crusher, but I was determined to park my Subaru for the warmer season and leave the AWD for when I actually need it.

After many BLT's and some TLC the neon no longer needs to RIP. It's 100% legal and sipping fuel slower than a lawn mower (more fun to drive too!) The first tank got me 36 mpg on average over 300 miles @ 8.296 gallons of gas. For a 14 year old car, with 145,000 miles that's a good start considering it was rated for 28 mpg mixed.

My goal is 40 mpg ave on at least 1 tank and to keep it between 36-40+ all the time. Here's the car, thanks for taking the time to read my long story, it's good to be among others who share a common interest.

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