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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Sure. Know how many people were killed? How many injured? How much property damage (other than the plant itself)? Zero, zero, and $0.

Now would you like to look up a few numbers on how many people die from the emissions from coal-fired power plants? How many die in mining & other accidents? The cost of property damage?

Or how about hydroelectric? That's pretty safe, isn't it? (Unless of course you're a salmon :-)) Look up Banqiao, though, and you might find out different. Or read here: List of dam failures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Easy, bud! I wasn't suggesting that anyone was hurt (though there are still lawsuits going on against them (the company that controls TMI, so we're not able to accurately disclose costs associated with it at this time).

I worked there for 17 days as a brick mason... They're VERY secretive about things, so much so that they put covers on the hallway windows so you couldn't see into the reactor areas if you happened to have to walk through there. (Were they really reactor rooms? I dunno. We couldn't see.)

I was just saying that it was there, I knew it was there, and many people tend to forget that there is a nuclear reactor in their back yard... (By back yard, I mean potential footprint of a nuclear meltdown, which covers from Ohio to New Jersey, New York to North Carolina, etc... that's a pretty big backyard.)

I'm not suggesting it's good or bad, indifferent or otherwise... I'm just making sure that people remember exactly how close they are to a Nuclear Facility, be it dangerous or safe.

I would wager that Nuclear technology is safer than many other things that have been worked on throughout history... At least with Nuclear, people understand the potential harm associated with it, and think about it all the time. I'm not necessarily an opponent, nor a proponent of it. I'm kind of somewhere in the middle.

On this particular topic, I choose to remain ignorant, actually. I don't wish to get involved in the hub-bub about it, as I (normally) don't like to get involved in conversations and discussions which so easily melt down (pun intended) into a pointless argument with no basis nor an end. I'd rather spend my days staring directly into the sun.
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