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New and need help on vehicle(s) choice

I just found this site not too long ago and been lurking!
I have a question that hopefully you all can help me with.
I currently have a 96 plymouth voyager(shorty) with 3.0 engine.
so far i'm averaging about 22-24 round trip......that's doing about
several 100 mile trips a month and some short trips around town.
Here's where I need help. I am pretty tall and alot of smaller vehicles won't fit me. i'm six five and about 235. I also do some handyman kinda work on the side. I have several vehicle requirements and a tight budget(dont' we all)
I need to get decent mpg(was hopeing for high 20s to low 30s) and carry a car seat for my daughter. But I also need to haul stuff too. Any ideas out there?
I can sell the van and maybe get a small 4 door? I've had good luck with escorts in the past........ I was thinking maybe a extended cab s10 or ranger?
one other thing, i need automatic as I have a pretty screwed up right hand and can't shift well anymore.

really enjoying the site so far.

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