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I've got a few. The one I'm looking to build for now is technically a motorcycle in most jurisdictions. I'd take an old Cessna 150/2 fuselage, add an internal cage for strength, 2 wheels in front similar to the Aptera, single rear wheel under the truncated tail, powered by a Subaru EJ22. The windshield would be laid back a little further and split into threes with the wide center piece flat safety glass for legality in any jurisdiction allowing the use of wipers. The side pieces would be acrylic and blend into the side in a similar manner as the original 1-piece. The interior would be inspired by aircraft, pre-war exotics, and high end contemporary furniture.

Completely from scratch would be a tandem two-seat tadpole with a design based on WWII fighters (I have several) and a sliding canopy for entrance and exit (I hate doors). Front engine, rear-drive, Honda S2000 drivetrain. The room for groceries would be the cramped second seat (setup like a Messerschmitt, but my vehicle would be about the size of a compact car), however, but I don't know any women that would dare sit there anyways. The canopy would be SmartGlass to cut down on heat issues. Yeah, unless my books sell like Steven King, I'll never have the cash.

I regret not jumping on the cheap Cessna fuselage I saw, so I think I'm going to go with a heavily aero-modded Miata this summer. It's a cheap way to learn some of the things I'll need to figure out if I ever get the chance at the other designs. The Miata's going to be a single seater with a sliding tear-drop canopy over the driver's side, with the main body covered over like a '50's endurance racer and an extended boattail rear.
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