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Haha, that's kinda how it goes when I hang out with certain people in my life! I go just to be able to drive because:

1.) driving is the most fun you can have outside the bedroom
2.) see#1.
(actual 2.) Test myself to see how I can do better with mpg.

As you can see, I advocate driving stick, automatics make me fall asleep.

Speaking of neons, I know.. the common misconception is that most of them suck. The thing is, that's false...

They ALL suck, just happen to be good enough on gas and cheap enough to buy another one that every time one dies, the next one costs less than the previous ones repair bill!

So anyway all jokes aside, it's crazy how driving to save money can be addictive. Soon you will again find yourself wasting gas just to see if you can best your last tanks mpg's

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