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Hello everyone. I kept looking for ideas to get better gas mileage from my car and this site kept popping up so I figured I'd join. I'm not looking to get 100mpg because I don't want to go that heavy into the mods but I do want to get it better. My eco car is a 1998 Saturn SL2 1.9 DOHC with a 5 speed. Every time I ask the saturn guys about upping the mileage on these cars they act like they are race cars. I have two of those, a 90 trans am and a 91 camaro, this is my daily driver and family car. I figured I've been running around in my v8's long enough that I can do a little something to help out with my family car. Can't wait to hear some new ideas.

1998 Saturn SL2 best MPG so far 39.6 highway only
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