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Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post

The book you mention sounds very interesting. I sure would like to know more about that!
I'd probably have to translate it for you, since it's in Polish. The author is a local heat pump installer (and, I believe, a professor). Hopefully I'll have the book back in a few months (my friend is looking for ideas to ecorenovate his summer house), then I'll scan some pics and translate a few interesting bits.
Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post
Radiant floor installers figure that there is a 30% efficiency advantage over central air systems. They also have the advantage of no noise, no draft, extraordinary reliability, and greater comfort.
I wanted to exchange radiators in our house for floor heating to raise the efficiency of a heat pump system, but it turned out that our lot isn't good for a heat pump (small and lots of tall trees), so the floor system wouldn't pay for itself. But the installer (actually the author of the mentioned book) told me that a radiant floor system should have at least 8 meters of pipes per square meter of floor. Maybe in your area the numbers may be different (the units definately are...), so find out about that. Hope that helps some.

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