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Originally Posted by pasadena_commut View Post
That's the beauty of the design, it never needs cleaning. Or rather, it likely would never need to be cleaned because the motor would be destroyed by the first pebble or coin sucked in.

I suppose if somebody was crazy enough they could mount a vacuum cleaner bag inside a large diameter plastic pipe, and then fit both ends of that with tubes. One end for the "vacuum" part, and the other end to replace the entire air intake upstream of the air filter. Of course, the car is going to run like crap, but just think how much easier this would be than dragging the vacuum cleaner from the house to the garage!
Considering people seem to care more about convenience these days than fuel usage or engine longetivity, OMG, I can just hear it now.

"Tired of lugging that big canister vac from the house, and then trying to find a long enough cord? And car wash vacs cost a fortune. hi, BILLY MAYS here for the engine vac. Just raise the hood, hook up the adjustable end to the air intake, and start the engine for a clean car anytime, anywhere. And cleanup is a breeze, just remove the dirt cup and empty. But I'm not done yet. I'm also going to include the crevice tool. But wait, order in the next 10 minutes and we'll double size your order, 2 engine vacs with the standard floor tool, and 2 crevice tools, for the price of one.

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