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One thing to note is that this controller has more capacitance than Curtis uses. They use 35 220 uF if I'm not mistaken, and this has 24 440 uF, so it's like a capacitance of "48" in comparison to Curtis' capacitance of "35".

Some people use the same lightbulb for their high voltage as for low voltage. I have a 40 watt 2.5 Ohm resistor (4 10 watt resistors in parallel),

Let's say we want a pre-charge time of 3 seconds, so that it will be charged to like 99% full (say 5 time constants)

5*R*C = 3 seconds
5*R*0.01056 = 3 seconds
R = 57 Ohms.

So, maybe something around 57 Ohms?
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