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It depends on when I go fill up. I usually try to run it down pretty close to E before stopping at a gas station, but sometimes if price and opportunity are there, I'll top off sooner. So... usually I am filling a nearly empty tank. If it's above 10F or so and the forecast is for that or warmer, I'll either top it off with E85 or go 50/50. The warmer it is out, the more I tend to go with straight E85.

My town now has new "blended pumps" which allow you to select 4 different blends of E85 and regular. I haven't used it yet, and I want to go get prices from it and figure out if I'm paying a premium for that convenience or not, before I tank up.

Well you are still getting some below freezing weather and you haven't played with it at all yet, right? So if you are at 1/2 tank go ahead and top it off with E85. Or if you are near empty, blend them right there at the pumps. Just go 50/50 for a while and see how your rig likes it. If all is well, then over time I'd say you could go 75/25, see how it goes, maybe sometime this spring try a full tank if you are up to it and your vehicle has been agreeable to it so far.

I've done it with 4 vehicles, all Fords, and they all responded well. I don't have experience with other makes of cars. I tried pure E85 in my motorcycle once (carbureted) and it did NOT like it one bit. Of course the carb is not set up to compensate for lean mixtures like EFI can do. I did make it home on the bike, however, by pulling the choke a lil bit.
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