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The Impala Wins!

Heh, ok, so I might be exaggerating a little, but on a recent trip I had the chance to drive a 2009 Toyota Rav4 w/4x4 and 4speed auto and 4cyl engine. Overall I was favorably impressed with the feel of the vehicle, and the maneuverability. However....

Toyota 355miles - took 13.25gallons nonethanol fuel = 26.79mpg average
Impala 355miles - took 12.50gallons nonethanol fuel = 28.40mpg average
(numbers not exaggerated!!)

woohooo for my Impala...

The trip did include a generous portion of headwind, and a moderate load in both vehicles. The return trip was a lot better in the Impala, far less headwind, and no load, plus a more sedate and steady pace as well. Makes me wonder a little about the future when a 4cyl in a lighter weight vehicle (if memory is correct) is actually worse than the v-6 in the heavier vehicle. Ah well, I will simply enjoy my Impala till it dies, then figure out what to get next! Cheers.


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