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I've found more motors:
I went to a local junkyard and opened a junked forklift to find 2 motors:

a GE 2.3HP 91 amp 24V 2400RPM
and an Advanced DC Motors 24V. The only other useful markings on this one was a box labeled "rating", which said "AU2500 9-4-94"

They were both about the same size (pretty sizable, but could fit on a motorcycle) at about a foot and a half long, 6-8" diameter, probably 30-40lbs. The GE is an "outy" and the other is an "inny".

Is the only reason higher voltage is more pervasive in EVs is that they typically yield greater speed and power, and that 24V would be fine if it ever does provide enough torque/speed?

What are the pros/cons of using a lower (24v) voltage motor in EVs, but more specifically electric motorcycles. Is there an RPM range to look for? Is there an amperage range to look for?

If one or both of these motors I found (they might not work, but I doubt that and could bring some batteries to test them out - that's all I have to do, right? just batteries and jumper cables?) could propel a cycle to 45 as opposed to 55, I'd definitely be willing to compromise, because that junkyard's prices are extremely reasonable. Price will be king over my speed desires.

These motors were just sitting in the forklift "hood" loose, so someone was either looking for something else and set them aside, or someone tried them and they didn't work. I hope it was the former.

I'd be pretty excited if one of these motors were suitable.
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