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sorry if i'm beating a dead horse, but it doesnt make sense (atleast to me) that you would have enough airflow to cool while driving but not at idle.

have you visually checked that the fan is spinning when it should? not just making noise?

with the hood open, and the fan running, does the fan produce a strong hot blast of air?which would be normal

is the air flow weak, and extremely hot? this would be expected if the there was very little airflow due to the grill opening or a weak fan.

or is it a strong blast of fairly cool air? could be caused by partially blocked radiator, or coolant not circulating at low rpm due to low coolant level

hold your hand infront of the grill opening with the fan running. assuming everything else is functionng normally, and the problem is the grill opening size, you should be able to feel alot of air moving. if the grill opening is the restriction, i'd think it would feel a little like holding your hand infront of a vacuum.
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