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Good lookup on the rim width data.

Interesting idea on the heat deterioration issue. Does this mean that the tires on your california vehicles should be changed part way through thier treadlife due to the possibility of heat related failure? When I lived in Barstow and driving in 117 degree heat in the desert the tire temperatures were way less than when I autocrossed on a pleasant summer day in Washington state. In iether case I experienced no heat related failures.

I'm not saying used tires is a good or bad idea, even in California. Like buying anything used, you may or may not have problems and there typically is no warranty. Most people shy away from used tires because they don't know what to look for when inspecting and get a little irrational on the safety issue (gee, what if I have a flat?). Unless the tire is ozone cracked, has cuts, bulges, etc that would cause it to be changed out anyway on the vehicle on which it occurred, it's probably OK.

So for the thrifty that can inspect a tire or have access to reputable used tire dealer used tires can reduce your cost per mile.

The failure we had I beleive was a hard curb hit. After several thousand miles the damage finally showed itsself (unless the wifey caused it). Changed the pair out before it was a problem. Still money ahead.

One thing I didn't think of before was the 4WD system. Often used tires are not available in matching sets of 4. The '97 Isuzu might not, but more modern 4WD systems may require a full matching set.
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