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Talking Newbie Lean Burn question

Hi all

I have been looking at your great forum for a while. Some great work going on here! Time to ask a question. (Excuse me if i show a little ignorance here)

I am currently enjoying the savings from running my diesel Merc on a WVO blend, and was thinking about ways to save on the petrol car I have.
I guess my question is about Lean burn, timing changes and water injection. I have done a fair bit of searching and read a lot of theory on the subject, but i don't seem to be able to find much an anyone who has actually done it.

Are there any decent fuel savings to be had by leaning the mixture?
Is a timing adjustment beneficial? Or is it one or the other?
Will water injection help the heat, pinging, and emission issues involved with these adjustments?
The vehicle i have in mind for this is a 1990 AE85 toyota corolla AWD wagon
(Possibly known as a All-trac in the US) It is running a 1.6L fuel injected 4afe engine.

Sorry for the long post. Any help appreciated.

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