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aerohead -

Assuming for the moment that you have Windows XP, you can use MSPaint to make the image smaller (If I remember correctly, I don't think this will work for Windows 95 because MSPaint doesn't store JPEG files) :

  -> Run... 
    -> type "mspaint" in the "Open:" box
      -> click "OK"
  -> Open... (browse to file and double-click it)
  -> Stretch/Skew... 
    -> change the percent in the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" 
       to be something like 50%
  -> Save As... 
    -> Save as DIFFERENT file name, or you will lose your 
       original.  Make sure the "Save As Type" is set to 
       JPEG for maximum compression.
Check if the file is below ~110,000 bytes. If yes, then you can upload it to this forum. If no, then you will have to repeat the process until the file is small enough.


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