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I've been sifting through my shreds of paper from the late 1980s/early 1990s and the most fascinating thing which might be mentioned,is that electric cars cost no more than regular cars.--------------------------- The context,is that you're serious about building them and in volume.----------------- Peugeot was building electrics and ran the numbers to discover that,if they produced the electric,on the same assembly line as the gasoline version it was based on,then,at 40,000-50,000 units a year,the electric cost the same as the regular car,about $13,000 US in 1990 dollars.------------------------------ My thought towards the EV-1,was that it could have been produced as a gasoline car also,built at Saturn on the same line as the SC.They would both sell for $13,000 ( as the SC did ),the EV-1 a plug-in,and the Sc as a 80-mpg gas burner.------------------------------------------ And here's a remarkable fact to consider.Under US Federal law,a plug-in electric car is rated at 185-mpg.-------------------------- Had GM sold a 80-mpg gasoline equivalent EV-1,not only would it factor heavily into GM's CAFE corporate average,the 185-mpg EV-1 would allow it to sell even more and more highly profitable higher-end vehicles.------------------------------ I would have burned my CRX if I thought I could have a chance at a car like that!---------------------------------------------------------- And the aerodynamics of both cars would have pushed consumer knowledge to a whole new level.We've lost over a decade of progress.
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