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I must be losing my mind. Some people need to grow up!

I just read a bunch of posts about people not driving in the right lane, about wanting to mouth off at cops, about some imagined "right" to drive slowly in any lane.

This is ridiculous and antisocial. It leaves me light-headed to read such crap.

I drive slowly in the right lane. I never try to "make a point" by maintaining slow speed. If it looks like the closing distance of a car overtaking me is going to be extreme, I will speed up. If this happens too often, I have to accept the fact that I am simply on the wrong roadway for hypermiling. My bad.

I would never argue with a cop or try to explain why I like going slow. I will always give him the respect he deserves for doing a dangerous job that most of us do not have the guts to do. And I am never in too much of a hurry not to stop and offer my assistance if an officer may need it.

I have never been pulled over for going slow. I have never created a situation to attract a cop's attention. Cops prefer to pull over fast cars. Cops are professional suspicious people. If you are going slow, they may wonder why. Are you distracted? Are you drinking? Are you stoned? Are you feeling guilty about something they should know about? I don't want to pull them away from their duties so I speed up a bit when they're around.

The primary purpose of a highway is to move traffic effeciently. Don't get in the way of that and no one will bother you as you pursue your excellent pastime of hypermiling.

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