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Originally Posted by AndrewJ View Post
Hi Norman, welcome to the boards.

I must say the 79 Fairmont Squire is an interesting choice, is it your daily driver?

My first "car" was the family farm truck, it also had Fords straight six in it, albeit at a higher (300ci) displacement. Good engines those, nearly bulletproof.
I've been restoring it since November 2006, our only car. We lived in Mexico and bought her there in 1997, then drove her here with the 302. I blew the 302 in my yard, after replacing a new factory-rebuilt carb (I dropped a bolt into the carb by accident) but was planning to swap it to a stock 200 inline six. I'm still waiting for the cold weather to warm up (2 to 3 weeks) to finish reassembling the interior, electrical, etc. I did a full torn-down restoration, because the car had no rust.

With a couple of MDS Ignition springs in the distributor, I can get the car up to 35 MPG city driving (CDN Gallon). With a few more tricks, I can improve that by another 15% at least. It only weighs 2,645 lbs. Wet.
1979 Fairmont Squire (Built in Mexico), 200CI, C4 Auto.
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