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My hierarchy goes like this to decide whether or not its ok for me to stay where I am.

1.) Is the person behind me a jerk
2.) Am I doing the speed limit

If the person behind me flies up on my bumper and I am doing a reasonable speed and they stay on my bumper I will accelerate to the speed limit but no more than that(assuming I was doing maybe 5 under).

If they are a traffic hazard(wreckless endangerment by weaving through traffic causing disturbances to regular traffic flow, or speeding more than a few miles over) I intentionally stay in front of them while I call the police and report it. Then after stalling them, while I inform dispatch where I am, what make model and year the car is and they give back an estimate on the nearest officer I slip behind them and read the license plate off to them and then remain on the line until an officer arrives.

The disptachers in Washington County TN and Putnam county TN are familiar and usually just ask where I am and what car. I've been to court several times as a witness to the case when drivers complain that the officer made up the WE charges.

Driving dangerously is a crime and its your civic duty to NOT do it as well as REPORT it. Also cops give out fewer nonsense tickets when they get 15-30 WE tickets off you a month in small towns.

<edit> speeding is breaking the law. If you are going to have a law it should be enforced or it shouldn't exist. period. If you report aforementioned dangerous drivers(speeders and aggressive drivers) they lose their license and the roads become safer for everyone and in the long run insurance tables allow for lower rates</edit>
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