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Its really not that big of a deal. I mean, most people are not even aware you can call that kind of thing in, but after about the 4rth time I tried it and I saw a state trooper Hauling @$$ from like a mile away and then force a car off the road I was hooked. Since most people don't know you can do that they aren't watching for someone to report them. From my experience in court the defendant is always pretty shocked when they call someone as a witness for it, as if they thought they might be able to get away with just one witness(Dash cam usually settles it though).

As far as following me home. . .well if they step across the threshold I doubt they will be able to do it twice.

The disptach came across as annoyed the first. . .five or six times I called in for things like this, now they kind of expect it. Most of the time if I can keep the person stalled I see them get pulled over, but sometimes something goes awry and then get around me before the cops get close enough to observe.
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