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Originally Posted by Peakster View Post
Truth be told: the very first car my dad and I looked into getting (even before taking my driver's test) was a 1979 Ford Fairmont Coupe. It was light blue in colour and had a V8 engine. We probably would've bought it for the $400 they wanted for it, except the engine had a knocking noise . I still remember the mono sound stereo and the neato vent window that opened by a turn knob.

Enjoying this -21*C weather? With the past few days in the -30s, the -21 was a beautiful day for riding a bike around the University of Manitoba .

Welcome to the site Norman!
Your warm welcome just took some of the chill out, we're at -38C tonite, -48C with the windchill tomorrow.
1979 Fairmont Squire (Built in Mexico), 200CI, C4 Auto.
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