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Originally Posted by tasdrouille View Post
I guess I actually care about other drivers, when I feel what I'm doing is not quire right.
I'm not sure what I said was clear. IF someone gets behind me I'll do what I can to let them pass get around me whatever. IF that person is a "jerk" breaking the law in any fashion speeding driving aggressively I don't move and I call the cops.

I mentioned a buddy of mine that owns several motorcycles and he hates me. In Washington County. . .99% of all young adults that own a cafe bike ought to have their licenses revoked. He was riding with me one day(in my car to get lunch) when I called on a biker I saw behind me weaving wrecklessly(he was speeding too but I didn't know until he got up to and passed me).

Cops had him at the next exit.

All that to say IF you aren't breaking the law I'll pull over and let you by or speed up if thats not an option(to the speed limit). Break that condition and I'll do everything I can to get you ticketed.
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