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I went in with my battery and jumper cable and walked away with the non-GE motor (Advanced DC motors). I submitted an information request to the company for information about the motor (if this yields no dice, the company is luckily situated an hour away for a personal visit). I'm pretty sure this motor has only two leads. There are two more less prominent bolts, but I didn't fool around with them because hooking the battery up to the only two big ones made it run. When testing the GE motor, which had 4 leads, I tried every combination possible with ONE set of jumper cables. I'm not quite sure how else it could've been rigged up, or if it somehow absolutely needs all 24V to work. That motor is still at the junkyard, and I wish it would work. Was I doing it wrong? As for a controller, I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for. This forklift has only been moderately pillaged, and many of the electronics seem to be intact. I could spend time tracing wires in there, because I'm sure I could figure it out. I didn't even think of getting the controller - I wouldn't need one intended more for EV applications instead of a lifting or driving motor for a slow forklift?

At any rate, I'm really excited about this motor, and made a little video of it with the webcam on my laptop (poor quality, and dark).

I decided I don't really care if it can go highway speeds or not, and I'm more focused instead on using what happens to be available, which is this 60.6 lb. forklift motor.
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