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The GE motor with four bolts sounds like a series motor. The way a series motor works looks somewhat like this:

Battery (+) >>> Brush (A1) -- Brush (A2) >>> Field (S1) -- Field (S2) >>> Battery (-)

The jumper cables connect where the >>> symbols are. The -- symbols are internal to the motor.

Connecting a 12v car battery to the motor (as above) will make a mid-size motor (60 lbs) turn, but not too fast so it will not overspeed when the shaft is not connected to anything.

If you connect a battery directly to A1 and A2, it is just shorted (powers the armature). Same with connecting to only the S1 and S2 (only powers the field). In the series motor, the armature is connected to the field in series, and thus both receive equal amounts of power.

(odd fact - it doesn't matter which end you connect to + and - on diagram above, the series motor will turn the same direction...)

Congratulations on your find!

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