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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
More than forty miles.

A heater is mandatory.
Mine goes 50miles on a charge so long as I have one long stop in the middle aka 1hr or so for it to sit. (not charge mind you) This is traveling at 35mph or less.
My batteries have over 14k miles on them, I would guess that the original owner saying the car could do 100miles on new batteries at 35mph or less was probably accurate.

And yes I have a heater, though i would prefer to have the old little propane tank defroster that the previous owner kept.

It is not impossible to go more than 40 miles electric it just means limited speed on lead acid.

With CNT (carbon nanotube), lithium ion or other battery techs it is easily possible to exceed 40 miles as there is no peukert to mess with.

Also look at the Rav4 EV, it met your criteria.
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