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Originally Posted by snowfish View Post
Shovel, you're saying that you get better power, but less FE running the blend?

Yep, precisely that and significantly enough that neither effect can be attributed to just being in my head.

Scangauge confirms the reduced fuel efficiency (both in measured FE and indicated fuel trim) and non-gearhead-girlfriend's "holy crap it's faster" confirms increased power

If I run more than about E50 (as in, top up on E85 while I've got a third of a tank of straight gas) the CEL illuminates because fuel trim goes out of range (+25%) - which is expected. As stated, this is on an unmodified vehicle. Vortec 4.3's use a unique "spider" injector setup so it's not so easy to just step up to higher flow injectors. I do think mine might need a good cleaning, however, as base fuel trim on straight gas is still +13ish on average.... with brand new o2 sensors.
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