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Yahoo, Ben!!!

The throttle wires don't care. No polarity to worry about. 0 Ohms across them means 0 throttle, and around 5 kOhms across them means full throttle. Just take the 5k pot you are using, and just hook up the 2 wires to the to throttle wires. any darn way you want.

Yes, heat sink side down. It makes less pressure on the solder joints and the JB weld. It probably wouldn't matter, but just to be safe. I have about 5 or 6 square inches of JB weld, so I doubt the heat spreader would break free from the M- bus bar, but just to be safe. Version 2 doesn't have that problem but oh well, you live and you learn. The 12v power supply can be anything in the range of 8v to 18v, so 12.6v is just dandy. And it uses less than 5 watts of power from the 12v supply. I haven't checked exactly how much power it uses. Probably less than 5 watts, but I'm not sure how much less.

There is a tested (and working!) high pedal lockout in the controller. So, feel free to turn the car on with the accelerator all the way to the floor, and nothing will happen. Once your foot comes all the way up to 0 throttle, the high pedal disable will be "disabled" haha! You can drive away at that point.

Or, you could just turn the car on before pressing the accelerator. Either way! It's all good, Yo!
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