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The car is coming soon!

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Are you saying it's a rectangle with those dimensions?
Ya, it's a rectangle. Maybe I should wait just in case. What's that smell? Why, it's the stink of money!! Money from my tax return that is in the mail!!! ya! The next available $200 metro that comes along, I'm getting it, assuming it's not a complete piece of crap. Starting last month, there have been about 3 really good metros for $200-$300, and when I would say, "duh, uh, could you hold the car until feb. 15th? I promise I gots da money den." They would reply, "uh, no."

I'm excited!!! I had a dream a couple nights ago. There was a faint cry in the distance. The voice said, "Paul, I don't work anymore, and no one loves me. Make me useful. Make me electric." I talked to my wife, and we decided that it must have been THE car speaking through the void, entering my dreams! (disclaimer: that didn't actually happen)

I have a 340amp continuous, 200v SCR that I got for $15 on ebay (it used to be in a machine at Los Alamos National laboratories). It had a brief stint on my home-made crappy battery spot welder. That could work instead of buying a $100 contactor, but they fail ON! Someone told me that they need heat sinking, and cause a 1.5v drop, but I've measured 0 ohms when it's "firing", but I don't want to discount the EVDL guys.

I think it would be cool to somehow hook the SCR to a timer, so that it somehow becomes a controller, but I would have it be about 40 Hz rather than the usual 15kHz, so that it would make a cool sound that all the kids love these days that is low and rumbly.
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