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If you leave the turbo on you can get outside the 14.7-30:1 NOx range. Anything leaner than 16:1 and you produce NOx while anything higher than 30:1 and it goes away again. around 20:1 is where its worst so a little lean is alot worse for the environment than a lot lean.

That said you won't have anywhere near 150 HP if you lean out to clear the NOx range. But highway driving won't require probably anymore than 50-60 HP and then you could jump into lean and burn very little fuel. If you are going lean though and forcing the ECU to do it I would stay away from WAI and go CAI as it will serve you better for the HP gains anyway and keep you well inside the quasi-equilibrium-esque dome away from turbulent knock and pre-ignition areas while boosting and running ultra-lean.
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