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If the throttle reads too high of a resistance (like if it comes loose, becoming infinite resistance!), the software checks it 16 times, and takes the average of those values (to make sure it wasn't just a single spurious TOO HIGH read), and if the average resistance is above that TOO HIGH value (I can't remember how high, but let's say 10k or something), then the micro-controller kills the throttle, and shuts down the controller. You have to then turn off the 12v power and turn it on again. That gives you a chance to go buy a new dang throttle! hahaha!

Here's how the throttle control works:

The first 10% or so of throttle will give no response. It's "the dead zone"! Duh Duh Duhhhhhhh...

Full throttle is around 4400 or 4500 Ohms. Above that, the throttle just ignores the extra ohms, and treats it as if it was exactly 4400 Ohms (or whatever the heck the specific number was).

But it doesn't ignore it if the ohms get too high! Then it makes you pull off to the side of the road, because it kills the throttle (as described above).
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