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I would test it very carefully and very slowly. Like after the car has cycled through fast idle and moved on to "I'm not ready to be out of bed" mode. If you can get it below 400 RPM you're only getting around 2 combustions per second which is slow enough to shut it down if the engine doesn't like it.

And I would start with small ratios(A little NOx in the testing stages is way more Eco friendly than a new engine). I would also ask a mechanic more familiar with the Viggen or the B235( I think thats what you have). The particular engine really might not like the idea of that much "cool" air without as much "warm" fuel.

Ultra-lean burn is an evolving field so field testers are taking it slowly because very few autos go to that range.

I think you might be able to get outside the 30:1 because you've got 240 hp to work with. I've got 100 and 25% of that is not really enough to be useful.
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