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MetroMPG -

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Some reports I've seen of the sales increase for Hyundai here credit (no pun intended) their financing and the sub $10k CAD Accent model.

I think you might be right about Subaru being "niche" and benefitting from brand loyalists.
Ok. Speculation hat on. Let's assume that because both of these car companies are Korean, they may have some kind of Korean banking setup for their financing. Maybe the "Bank of Korea" or whatever it's called is just eating the loans for the sake of Korean industry on the bet that the economy will recover and/or Kia and Hyundai will at least stay healthy.

One of my friends just switched from a leased Jeep Liberty to a leased Subaru Forester. His Jeep dealer went belly-up and no one would take his Jeep back. He tried to look at Toyotas, but the feeding frenzy salesmen turned him off, and he got a Subaru. He still has the Jeep. Right now we're betting that no one will come by to claim it.


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