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I was already planning to use a synthetic, but I want to wait until the first filter change after the rebuild. I'm also going to use synth in the transfer case and the differentials. Just like I do in my Jeep and in my daughter's Jeep. I'll look for a shift controller and see if its something that will help, I did look at different weights on the governor to change the OD kick in point. We will change that when I do a filter/fluid change, because I want to see where it shifts to begin with. Remember, I brought this truck home without being able to drive it. I know the brakes work, as they hauled my F150 to stop from 30 MPH (F150 was towing it home). I bought heavier duty parts where I could to prevent further issues.

Not bad looking for a $350 truck... And the interior is MUCH nicer!

Now, the OTHER comments... Simply wow. Self righteous much? If the Explorer is driven in a reasonable manner, it can be as safe as anything else on the road. My almost 21 year old son is very familiar with driving FWD and 4WD in inclement weather. I'd really like to think I've done a good job teaching my adult kids how to drive so they don't NEED 4x4, but with it available, they have an advantage. I'll tell you what I've seen over the years as an accident scene photographer. Fewer fatalities in larger vehicles. This Explorer isn't that tall. Its not a Hummer H2 or whatever you are truly afraid of. If I didn't think my son was responsible enough to drive something like an Explorer, I wouldn't have bought it. Yes, you really rubbed me the wrong way. I'm going to guess you've never driven a 4x4 in bad weather, or had the pleasure of exploring trails far from a paved road. If you'll go back to the original post you might notice I'm trying to resurrect an inexpensive vehicle (a form of ECOnomy) and see where I can MOD it for possible improved FE. Does that not fit the ECOMODDER sensibility? And as a gift to my son, and his bride to be... Some people can find fault with anything. I ADMITTED it isn't the most fuel efficient vehicle out there... Care to comment on the lightly used furniture I saved from a landfill for them?
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