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Cookeville is the perfect place for biodieselers(home-brew). We are exactly half-way between nashville and Knoxville(state capital and one of the biggest cities respectively) so alot of business traffic floods through the I-40 corridor from one to the other. Cookeville managed to get its foot in the door first with several restaurants a long time ago(16 years?) right next to the highway.

Since then we have 13 restaurants in less than one mile and a half dozen others for two other roads each. So roughly 20 restuarants, not including a half dozen more throughout cookeville. Keep in mind a total population of 20K people(including 11,000 college students). So 10K people if 1/5 has a diesel thats still only 2K people for 26-30 restaurants. A couple of guys I know that grew up in Cookeville clean up after just one restaurant a week and its more fuel than they both combined use.

They have drums of it sitting around waiting either for a Zombie apocolypse, fuel shortages or a hostile foreign invasion.

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