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Originally Posted by Drive Stick View Post
That's simply too much information for one post
I suggest reading slower and thinking about what the words say versus just "reading" them. No offense intended; I read it slowly taking about 7 minutes to apply the thoughts to my own experiences. It helps concrete the information in your mind and reference it.

Originally Posted by snowfish
I may have missed it, in the above post, but are tires labeled, or coded, for Crr?
Manufacturers currently do not post that data due to auto makers pushing for them to not. Every tire for every size will have a different Crr, thus making this an extremely time consuming process to measure each, but no more so than load and speed testing. It may also be for safety reasons. If people know the Crr of their tire and get in an accident, lawyers could use that against the manufacturer. Covering their proverbial arses.

I know I learned a few things from this post. Post length has no affect on information digestion. If it helps copy and paste into seperate pages to section the information so the "ADD" doesn't kick in like turbo boost.

EDIT: I copy and pasted into word. just a hair over 6 pages. Damn awesome. You go man.

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