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Originally Posted by Blue Bomber Man View Post
Not according to a joint Federal and Californian study on tire rolling resistance. It states they are related, and altering one will generally effect the others, but that it is possible to improve all 3 with out sacrifice. Some tires are better than other tires in all three categories that you mention.
First, if you read the study very carefully, you'll see that "improve all 3" is carefully worded - and while technically correct it depends on 2 things: That there will be advances in technology (well, duh!) and given the current state of technology, there will be tires that don't use the latest technology (again, duh!)

You should be aware that everyone involved in the study has a stake in perpetuating the situation. Some want to be the group that gets called on to do research - and therefore, they CAN'T give inconvenient conclusions.

Some want to be the guys who do the testing - so they want EVERY tire - that is EVERY SIZE / EVERY DESIGN - tested and their conslusion would be that there is room for improvement.

But the guys who design tires are well aware of the triangle problem. Within what they are allowed to do, they are confronted with this issue on a regular basis - and that's what I was trying to express. Just be aware that while there might be differences between tire manufacturers within each, the triangle applies to each - and at the top rung of the ladder, there won't be much difference.

Just don't expect a tire to give world class rolling resistance, world class levels of traction, and world class treadwear. The technolgy isn't going to allow that to happen.
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