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Originally Posted by Wherewolf View Post
Paul, I've been working on getting you 2 each of the 4oz boards - I hope to have confirmation on Monday - I'll buy them and get them shipped directly to you as quickly as possible.
How can I be da man, when you da man?

Originally Posted by Wherewolf View Post
I also have a small supply of copper buss bars that I could send you - I'll need to dig them out of the barn - as I recall they are 19" long, 1/4 inch thick, and 3/4 wide? Some might have holes in them, but you can probably cut them up to the sizes you need.
That's the exact dimensions I have been using (well, not 19" though, more like 13" or something. I forgot. hehe.)

Originally Posted by Wherewolf View Post
When we are sure the heavier copper boards are what we want, I can proceed with ordering the full sheet of 6oz. I am wondering if you think the design is at a point where we could just have the board maker mill and drill the patterns we need for the power section?
The power section is still in a bit of flux right now, as the inductance issues get sorted out. I'm so thankful for your help!

To the curious: 6 ounce copper implies AT LEAST 900 amp controller possible.

By the way, there have now been 10 donations since yesterday! I love setbacks! This next version is going to be much better!


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