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Accurate real time fuel consumption on non-electronic cars

The problem I have is to measure fuel consumption on a real time basis, too see how driving strategies affect performance.

Besides, I constructed a HHO generator, that spends only 25 A and generates lots of gas. To this I added a small 12V pump to speed HHO gas output (a major concern when it is a lot), to blow to the bubbler. Then to the air intake of the engine. The 25 A consumption includes that pump.

Another improvement to the device I plan is to control it electronically so to relate HHO production to the throttle pedal. I have a circuit already, and a potentiometer on the injection pump, which may govern the HHO generator and even the pump.

This is important as the engine do not need the full amount of HHO gas on idle, or when going down a hill. Commercial HHO generators I have seen continue producing it and spend more current from the battery.

I donīt want to make a conclusion until I can measure the HHO generator effect switching it ON and OFF. I can measure this way the pump effect, the throttle control and other changes I can make.

Make long trips is expensive and time consuming. And traffic, wind, load, slope, etc. will influence yield.

I developed a Arduino circuit to measure fuel consumption from gas tank sender and mileage from another signal the car has.

Software computes all things, and they are (supposed to be) displayed on a LCD display.

HOWEVER, I havenīt had success driving the Arduino circuit with car signals.

What I get is heat on the circuit and no output. Maybe I am making an electronics mistake.

A device that can measure diesel consumption and show it in digital form would be very helpful.

Any ideas?

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I wish. If I had an old rabbit in the driveway I might have figured it out by now. There is a sliding valve in the pump that controls the volume of fuel squirted per revolution. Problem is getting a fix on that valves position.
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