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Reading ODBI

I have a '89 Grand Am with a 2.5L, and I'm looking at making some instrumentation for it. Primarily because the stock gauge cluster isn't exactly accurate (No tach, speedometer reads slow the faster you go, temp gauge is wildly off, and gas gauge is never accurate except when the tank is full). Playing around with my OBDI scanner, I get accurate readings, but I don't want to have that hooked up all the time since it is bulky. Now, I know I could buy new gauges, but I am a maker, and am wanting to start poking around with this sort of thing.

Now, looking around, I have not come up with much info for OBDI projects. Tons of stuff for OBDII, though. The only info that I've gleaned is that it appears to be RS232 based. Any of you guys messed with getting info from the computer on OBDI cars?

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